Lucy Hale, BSO Resound Young Composer-in-Association 2018

Lucy Hale was appointed BSO Resound’s Young Composer-in-Association in January 2018. During her time with the ensemble, Lucy has been able to develop her composition skills and gained experience working with world-class musicians.

The BSO caught up with Lucy about her time working with BSO Resound:

Lucy Hale, BSO Resound Young Composer-in-Association 2018
(Photo Credit: Tad Davidson Photography)

I’ve really enjoyed working with BSO Resound, they’re all absolutely superb musicians who were happy to engage with my work and gave really constructive feedback. They were also really friendly, welcoming and understanding people who made me feel supported and comfortable during my time with them.

Working with BSO Resound has taught me about plenty of practical things like writing for Linnstrument, and the importance of clear communication and intentions.

It’s been amazing working with Alexander Campkin, BSO Resound Composer-in-Residence. His feedback on my piece was really helpful and encouraging, and he definitely provided a much appreciated ‘safety net’ for me as I was doing this so early in my career. He’s also been really thoughtful in forwarding details of other opportunities that I might be interested in, and recommended a really fascinating book on the history of disability in classical music.

Through BSO Resound and Alexander, I’ve also learned about the presence of disabled composers in the classical canon who we’ve all heard of but whose disabilities are never discussed, and about the UK’s current, thriving inclusive and disabled led music ‘scene’. This has really helped me to feel like I have a place in classical music, and has even informed my choice of research topics for my elements of Masters degree.

Being Young Composer-in-Association with BSO Resound is a great opportunity. You get to work with first rate musicians who spend time with your music, you learn about the instruments (one of which is very unusual), and you can be introduced to BSO’s partner organisation OpenUp Music to learn about assistive music technology and see the workings of an inclusive youth orchestra. If I could do it all again I’d jump at the chance!

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is currently recruiting for another Young Composer.

BSO Resound’s Young Composer-in-Association, supported by Allianz Musical Insurance, will offer one young composer the opportunity to develop their compositional technique and experience in a year long association with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s world-renowned disabled-led ensemble, BSO Resound.

Please provide the following to Alison Holmes at
• A CV and cover letter detailing why you are interested in this position (approx. 300 words)
• Example of pieces of compositional work – Digital Scores / Recordings / Audio Exports

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