Cornwall Residency round-up: Day 3 – on the road with the BSO’s ensembles

The BSO’s Bash, Brass, Strings and Wind ensembles have been touring the county’s primary and secondary schools to bring exciting interactive workshops and concerts to hundreds of schoolchildren, visiting 11 schools on Day 3.

BSO Bash visit Falmouth Primary School

As Day 3 of the BSO’s Cornwall Residency dawned, the BSO’s ensembles were busy preparing for a full day touring the county’s schools to bring an inspiring programme of music-making and creative workshops to schoolchildren of all ages. A core part of the Orchestra’s mission is its work beyond the concert hall through BSO Participate and its five specially tailored strands of activity; the Orchestra’s Cornwall Residency school activities are delivered by the Blast strand. Blast is designed to enrich the school curriculum and increase access to classical music, by bringing the professional orchestra to 5-18 year olds via a wide range of schools visits and concerts, workshops and coaching opportunities.

BSO Strings play to the children of Pelynt School

The first visit of the day saw the BSO Strings travel to the south-east of the county to Pelynt Primary School, near the seaside town of Looe, where the quintet played to 59 very excited children. Each of the five musicians represents one of the string sections of the BSO and the children were able to learn more about each instrument and the different sounds they can produce through a variety of techniques. Further north, BSO Brass were making some noise at St Breock School with 50 young brass players in a workshop session. The children from Years 5 and 6 were able to play alongside the BSO musicians as well as enjoy a concert which hopefully inspired them to continue their music-making and maybe one day become musicians themselves.

Young brass players enjoying a workshop with BSO Brass at St Breock School

Meanwhile, the BSO Winds travelled to Penair Secondary School in Truro where they worked with 15 talented young musicians in various ensembles. The students were coached through a selection of pieces by the BSO musicians and then were able to enjoy a performance by the quintet. In the afternoon, BSO Bash were creating musical mayhem during their visit to Falmouth Primary School. The ensemble worked with 25 children in Years 3 to 6 who enjoyed the musicians’ performance so much that a number of encores were demanded and a music stand was the worse for wear after such enthusiastic music-making!

BSO Winds working with the talented young musicians at Penair School

In total, the four ensembles visited 11 schools across Cornwall, from Newlyn in the south to Wadebridge and Liskeard, inspiring almost 500 children and young people with live music-making. For some of these children, it will have been the first time they have seen professional orchestral musicians perform and will have provided an unforgettable experience, perhaps even sparking a life-long passion for music.

To keep up to date with the BSO’s activities as part of the Cornwall Residency, please visit the live updates page


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