1,217 Enjoy Participating with BSO

The Family Orchestra draw in a crowd

In the BSO Participate tent we first saw the BSO Family Orchestra perform their piece ‘Orelob’ based on Ravel’s Bolero to a gathered crowd. The ensemble are made up of families and people all ranging in standard, instrument and age, who meet on Sunday mornings. This particular rendition of Bolero incorporated violin, electric guitar and bagpipes! Audience members were then invited to join in with the Family Orchestra to compose a brand new song, Sam Mason – BSO Associate for Dorset – enthusiastically led the mass composition and performance.Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Participate team gathered at Meyrick Park on Sunday to deliver an extra slice of musical fun to the BSO Proms in the Park weekend. The day showcased performances from community choirs to body percussion workshops for all to get involved in.

Also in this tent we saw a body percussion workshop ran by both Sam Mason and Hugh Nankivell. Audiences were encouraged to join in making pieces using just clapping, clicking, stomping and chest thumping rhythms; this novel style really appealed to the imagination of the audience. Amber Jagot, BSO Participation Coordinator, further agreed that, “It was great to see so many children and adults alike, engaging with the music so enthusiastically.”

To conclude a day’s music events, Southampton Inspiration Choir performed alongside the BSO on the main stage. The non-auditioned community choir sang a range of crowd pleasers from the heart wrenching Bridge over Troubled Water, to hits such as Don’t Stop Me Now. The day was a fantastic tribute to all the local talent in the South West and also a great display in the range of work that the BSO Participate team undertake across the whole community.

Megan de Garis – Participation Intern



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