Buckfastleigh Biscuit Band

Hugh Nankivell – BSO Associate – 29 April 2016
Session 2

Really great second session, with lots of smiles and laughter, energy and ideas, music and songs and a bit of dancing. Much the same structure as last week, with a few different folks, a new song, some more added to the old one, a new instrumental piece and a couple of different guest musicians. Today we had Andy on saxes and tin whistles and Daniel on guitar as well as Rachel and me.

We added new verses to our band anthem:
We all like dancing – doing a walz
We all like dancing – of your own choice
We all like rockin on a saturday night
We all like rockin – it feels just right

We all like parties – playing all the games
We all like parties – barbecues with flames
Pass the parcel – hide and seek
Pin the tail on the donkey – eating sweets

(Next week we are going to play pass the parcel – if one of us remembers to make one – ‘as long as it has forfeits in!’) So our band song is developing each week – perhaps next week a verse about gardening and outside activities!

In the break I had a chat with Anne and made up a new song with her and used her name as translated into music for the main bit of the melody. In my simple alphabet/music system Anne = AGGE, and so this became the start of a lovely melody which went: AGGE, ABBC, BAAF, AGGE. Anne is from Buckland in the Moor and the chorus for her song went:

I’m from Buckland in the moor
When I was growing up
There was always simething to do
When I was growing up.

It was great to sing this to all the group (young and old) and to see the expressions on the children’s faces as they looked at Anne.

We had a local older woman Mary join us this week who is always very chatty, positive and knowledgeable, (I met her on a previous project) and she was very excited about what the BSO would think of our band and whether we might get a record contract! This was ater we had developed a lovely improvsed/conducted instrumental/vocal piece called ‘Taverna’ (named by Mary) which had three parts in it: a habanera section, a vocal section and a cha cha cha. Next week we will play it again and add further sections to it.

The day after our session we were featured on BBC Radio Devon and there were interviews with Suzy, a young person, an older person and me! Juliet, one of Redmount’s residents said this when asked about it:

‘Oh we enjoyed it, we really enjoyed it this afternoon… we sang with a full voice… we enjoyed being with the children actually… it’s lovely to have young blood around the place.’

And when the interviewer then asked her about how good it is to mix the generations together Juliet replied: ‘Well it’s necessary here, we’re a bit isolated here, among older people all the time and  there isn’t much sense of humour…’

You can hear the programme here – listen from 1hr 52.50 to 1hr 56.10.

Really looking forward to next week.


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