Haytor View Early Years Music Project, Spring Term 2016 – Blog 8

Haytor View Early Years Music Project, Spring Term 2016 – Blog 8   23rd March 2016

This morning the Choral Engineers again came in for a session and we had a wonderful hour together with the Foundation stage, before I went on a picnic with six of the children, staff and mums.

The hour consisted of the new choral engineers song which was based on the children’s ideas from my last session at Haytor View, which was all bird-based. The new song has actions and is called ‘Flock’n’Roll’


Billions of bustling birds

Sparrows in their eyes

Billions of bustling birds

Chattering in the sky


Birds up

Birds down

Flock’n’roll flock’n’roll

Birds up

Birds down

Flock’n’roll flock’n’roll

Billions of bustling birds

Starlings sparkling free

Billions of bustling birds

Murmering in the trees

We sang it once, then got the children to join in with words and actions and then I asked who would like to come and join the choir and two-thirds of the group came over and joined the choir. We then spent the rest of the morning all together, a big family band, choir, singing, making up dances, playing instruments, putting boxes on our heads and more. There was real engagement, smiles and sharing.

Our walk and picnic was not very musical, even though one of the original suggestions from ‘A’ was that we could go on a musical tour to all the houses and perform a concert, but when it came to it, the young children had other things to focus on, and so our conversations and enjoyment of the outside together was quite enough..

We were following the leads of the children and they took us to their houses, they directed us, even when it felt as if we might not be going the most logical route! We collected mums and siblings and chatted with grandparents as we went. In the park we sat together, played on the swings and climbing frames and had an easter egg hunt. It felt as if we were beating the bounds and exploring their environment in their way. They really did not want to leave and several wanted to return to their homes on the way back to school.


There was one musical moment with a three year old sibling. I had my guitar with me and had sung an improvised picnic song as we ate together. But it was not taken up in any way, and so the song fell asleep in the grass. I went hunting eggs with the children and then noticed that one younger brother had sat on my guitar and was playing it. He was exploring the strings and singing. We played a game together sliding fingers up the string and tickling each other and then he began putting daisies into the guitar (I think they are still there). This felt an appropriate way to end the term and to begin easter, with a guitar full of daisies.


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