Haytor View Early Years Music Project, Spring Term 2016 – Blog 3


Haytor View – January 28th 2016

Great continuation from last week. They remembered all the dances and the dance moves and everything we had done and were still all full of it. And after they had told me all they remembered we then watched some film of us all dancing together last week.

We invented a great listening/moving game whereby individuals invented new dance moves (flowing hands, punching the air, jumping backwards and forwards, hopping…) and I made up some music to go with it on the mandolin. I then swapped between the musical styles and they changed to the different dance-steps immediately.

We were upstairs in the ‘studio’ and so we also looked out of the window on this side of the building and I wrote down all that the group could see. Another wonderful list of ideas and great mix of near and far, direct and imaginative.

I can see a load of houses
That big tower
I can see electric wires
The tower and houses
A tyre laying on the ground
Red cars
Big and small trees
Cars and vans and camper vans
I can see the towers and loads and loads of stuff
I can nearly see the snow on the mountains – and the bus was going to the beach
Another school over there
A sparrow and houses
Black birds and flags
Loads of hills with houses on and buses going past them
Grass and clouds

So lots of dancing and chatting and looking and thinking and ideas before any instruments this week.

Then outside making music and songs and games – in the sun and in the rain (but this week with coats on!) and lots of really interesting dialogue about play and what is allowed. Lots of the group wanted to play Hide and Seek, but this was not very successful due to a number of reasons (mainly due to lack of places to hide and the lack of it as a ‘musical’ game!) and we had a good discussion about this and experimented with it. Later ‘K’ (who was in a very thoughtful and creative mood all day) said we could play musical chairs because ‘that is a musical one’ and so we did play that very successfully.

A couple of good new songs and thoughts from that time outside. ‘K’ came up with this one – which was also a game and we played it for quite a while with singing, and swapping instruments and including briefly a new guitar technique (see picture). Lovely connection of rain and sun making a rianbow and mixtures of people making a band.


Rainy and sunny
Makes a rainbow
All three of us
Make a band
Everybody got two instruments
And play until we stop
And then we swap


Then later – ‘S’ came up with the folloiwng song, as we wre playing together in a band with two others – including ‘E’. Again what feels really good about this song is the directness of a song about the rain written while out in the rain as it falls softly on us.


The rain is coming down
Drip drip a thousand million
It feels wet and it feels soft
Drip drip a thousand million
I love the rain
It feels so great

‘A’ got engaged today with the music-making a bit more and she drew a picture of the musical chairs with musical notes (see the picture) and also made her own new alternative version of the song from last week.


‘Dinosaur in the woods

He’s not sad ‘cause he’s singing a song.’


2 thoughts on “Haytor View Early Years Music Project, Spring Term 2016 – Blog 3

  1. My 14 year old is passionate about freerunning – a totally optimistic boy, the only thing that depresses him in life, he says, is school. In freerunning he finds freedom and brilliant friendships. I feel sad that in all the hours -and years – he has been at school he didn’t have this sort of wonderful, immersive experience of school as a place of shared discovery and community. Bravo for the lovely work you are doing!

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