Cornwall Careers Fair 2015

On Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October, I represented the BSO at the Cornwall Careers Fair, held at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge.

The event was open to students from across the county aged 14-25, giving them an opportunity to explore possible career paths within Cornwall and further afield.

In conjunction with Cornwall Music Education Hub and Philharmonias’ iOrchestra project, the BSO attended the fair to promote careers within music and the orchestral world, with an emphasis on ‘Behind the Scenes’ roles, i.e. not performing.

Our vibrant stand at the fair including interactive career flow chart
Our vibrant stand at the fair including interactive career flow chart

Over two days, around 4000 students attended.

I spent time talking with hundreds of students, many of which had no idea what career path they were going to choose. Many had a general interest in music and for those who were keen to follow a career in arts, it provided me with a great opportunity to explain that behind every great arts organisation, there is a host of people in all types of jobs!

For me, the most satisfying part of the two-day fair was talking to a student who was passionate about music and classical music in particular. Shortly after our conversation began, she said that her ‘dream would never come true’. When asked what her dream was, she said she wanted to work within music but she wasn’t a good enough musician. When I explained that she could do many things other than perform, her eyes lit up as I had introduced her to a world that she had previously unheard of.

It was great to think that I might have planted a tiny seed that would grow into her future career.

BSO volunteer Louise Corderoy

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