Haytor View Early Years Music Project – Blog 7

Haytor View Early Years Music Project with BSO Devon Associate Hugh Nankivell Thursday July 9th – afternoon session.

Since last week my relationship with the parents has changed, and this is great. They come up and talk to me, they smile more, they ask me questions and they joined in with the singing in the assembly! It feels really good that through the children, and the support of the school, I am now making some good relationships which is great for furthering our music-making next term at Haytor View.

Today ‘J’ was really interested in how the ukulele and the guitar worked and asked me loads of questions about the headstock and the bridge and other bits (most of which I did not know the name for). He then looked in my guitar and saw some wires (it is a semi-acoustic) and asked what they were for. While I was spending some time pondering, he answered himself ‘to make it go?’ And I replied yes. He then looked in the uke and saw that there were no wires. He asked why, and again before I answered he said ‘because it doesn’t need any?’ He then banged his uke on my guitar and said ‘my guitar played your guitar’. He also strummed the strings at the headstock end and noted how quiet that was.

‘J’ was really exploring how the instrument works and how it produces sound and for some people they need to know these things before they can proceed with actually making any music.

‘J made a song and he played it in assembly and also afterwards to his parents (who didn’t come to the celebration assembly.) [After ‘J’ had sung the song to his parents, his dad asked me about guitar playing and showed me J’s brother’s guitar – this another example of my developing a relationship at the school]

The words were:

I love my Mum
I love my dad
I like my bike
I like my scooter
But my pedal is off my bike

IMG_2685 (2)
W’s score and instruments

‘W’ again closely observed my provocation at the start of the session (another graphic score) and then set to work, just as last week. He did bits of composing and each time politely requested that I listen/engage/support him. ‘W’ ended up with a one page piece for voice, ukulele, drum and shaker. It was called:

People Grow So Fast

How do people grow so fast x2
Let’s count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
How do people grow so fast x2
They just grow so fast
How do people grow so fast x2
Watch this – little to big

He really took on board the idea of dynamic shifts (he had a section for quiet drum) and drew the shakers to represent that bit. He performed the whole song in assembly (including to his dad). Later I had a chat with his dad about the fact that he has a piano at home and loves to play it and work out tunes and also how he prefers to put a CD on and play along to it rather than to put the TV on!


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