Resonate Strings & Creative Composition Workshop

Resonate Strings & Creative Composition Workshop – Fri 3rd July
Sam Mason – BSO Associate & BSO Resonate Strings
Winton & Glenmoor Secondary School

A fantastic morning of music making was had by all today at Glenmoor Secondary School

Year 8 & 9 GCSE music pupils had the opportunity to get up close and personal with members of the BSO Resonate String Quintet who performed for the pupils. BSO Resonate took them on an amazing musical history lesson exploring and demonstrating various string techniques, compositional ideas and developments in classical music over the last 250 years.

After a quick break, we then got down to creating our own brand new composition with the Resonate players composing, performing and collaborating with the pupils.

We took rhythmic body percussion patterns and elements of ‘Minimalist’ music as our starting points, developing and expanding the ideas using compositional techniques from some of the pieces we had heard in the concert. The result – “The Winton & Glenmoor Variations”

A huge well done to all the pupils who listened so attentively in the concert and who took part in the creative composition workshop. Thanks also for welcoming us to your school and for the delicious pastries and tea at break time!

We all look forward to coming back soon and creating some more fabulous music

Sam Mason


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