Haytor View Early Years Music Project – Blog 3

Haytor View Early Years Music Project with BSO Devon Associate Hugh Nankivell Thursday June 11th – afternoon session.

Today there was a very clear connection between ‘A’ and ‘E’ who had not obviously engaged with each other before. In fact they became friends. They made songs together and they performed together. When we did an assembly I asked them if they wanted to play as a duet or with me as well, and ‘A’ was very clear that they wanted to play without me. So they did!

‘A’ is 4 and ‘E’ is 5 and a further developmental difference emerged today as they played and created with each other. At one point they were making up a new song and ‘E’ explained that it should go ‘Loud, Soft, Loud, Soft.’ I am sure that ‘E’s’ intent was that this should refer to the dynamics of the piece and that it would be in four sections with part one being loud, part two quiet and so on.

When the two girls performed in the assembly I announced the song as ‘Loud, soft, loud, soft’ and they then performed it. ‘A’ sang the words ‘loud soft loud soft’ as the lyrics while ‘E’ played the ukulele and looked a little bit surprised. ‘A’s’ understanding of a piece called ‘Loud, soft, loud, soft’ is that this might refer to the lyrics, but not that it might be a description of the underlying structure for the musical content, whereas ‘E’ does seem to have that comprehension.

At one point ‘E’ decided that they needed a stage to sing on. They spent a short amount of time building the stage out of the blocks in the classroom, but then spent a very long time decorating it. There was a bit of a stand-off at one point when tidy up time had been called and most of the class were tidying up, but the stage-designers were still at work as they had been told they could perform a couple of song on the stage even after tidy-up time had been called! The understanding that music is not just music but is operatic in scope, involving song and singing, instrumental playing, movement, design and more. The attention to detail from this small group was really wonderful.

stage designing and dressing
stage designing and dressing

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