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Concert Review: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, 23rd April, St Endellion by Ciaran Trevena

Hearing the string section of the BSO felt like an enormous privilege for me, as I am a musician, and this was an extraordinary standard of music. An even greater privilege was the chance to perform alongside them in their concert. I spoke to the conductor, Frank Zielhorst, who told me that it was “always special to work with such high standard players in the BSO. It’s intense, but it’s a great opportunity.” In this concert, six you string players, including myself, joined the BSO players, and I know that we were all blown away by their musical ability.

The programme was very varied for this concert.The orchestra started with Dvořák’s Serenade for string orchestra in E major, which is a beautiful piece, played astonishingly well. It was simply breath-taking! This set the tone for the evening, and was followed by Peter Warlock’s Capriol Suite, for which the six Cornish players joined the orchestra. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that this was easily one of the best experiences that we’ve had. In the words of one of the violinists from the BSO, Colette Overdijk, “The only thing better than hearing this kind of music at this level is playing it!” The third piece, Souveinr de Printemps, by Otto Ketting, was a lot more modern, and slightly discordant at times, but this only showed off the togetherness of this ensemble. The BSO then finished with Brahms’ String Quintet No. 2 in G major, arranged for the whole orchestra, another beautiful and intricate piece brilliantly played.

One audience member told me that this was one of the best evening’s music they had ever heard, a view I believe the whole audience shared. For the six young string players, this was an absolutely amazing experience too.

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