BSO Brass start Cornwall residency

Today saw the BSO Brass Quintet arrive at Redruth School, Cornwall.

The afternoon began with a workshop involving around 30 children on a variety of instruments. The children, with the help of their teacher Mr Hosking, had been rehearsing two pieces in readiness for the workshop: Mozart’s ‘Horn Concerto No.4’ and Grieg’s ‘In the hall of the mountain king’.
Members of the BSO, under the leadership of BSO Trumpeter, Peter Turnbull, guided the children through both pieces, by way of sectional rehearsals within the ensemble. As the children’s confidence began to grow, so did the music and by the end of the workshop both pieces had evolved considerably.

Whilst at the school, the brass quintet also gave a concert to around 130 pupils and staff. A highly informative 45 minutes involving the explanation of brass instruments, listening techniques and blowing into a hosepipe were well received, as were the wonderful pieces of music performed, ending with a rousing rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’.

Tonight the brass quintet will be rehearsing with HMS Seahawk Royal Naval Volunteer Band.


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