Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra – Extraordinary Reach

I can’t be the only one that views paperwork and form filling with that a sense of life-slipping-away inevitability. Still, it is part of life and although it can feel like you are counting the number of paperclips recycled in a fiscal period, at other times it can be rewarding as you have a chance to tell a story, one of which you can be really proud.

One such story is contained in our ‘Schedule of Activity’, a paper we produce each year that lists the scheduled work for the Orchestra, and what a narrative it tells:

  • 150+ performances in 40 cities, towns and villages
  • Amazing flexibility of delivery from four or five piece ensembles to an orchestra of over 100 musicians
  • 70% of performances given away from our home venue
  • 100% of work devised and created in our home venue @LighthousePoole
  • Over a third of work devised to help build new audiences
  • From the UK premiere of a CPE Bach Passion to Burt Bacharach, from an acclaimed Prokofiev Symphony Cycle to Pirates Ahoy, from work for the under 5s and work with 18 music hubs to a pioneering orchestra for people with the early stages of Dementia, a creative musical energy that is unique in our region.
Dougie Scarfe – Chief Executive

All of this delivered over a home territory of 10,000 sq miles, and as we know, the transport infrastructure in the South West is… well just look at Dawlish.

There is much debate at the moment around funding, in particular the tensions between the Capital and regions. Those of us who have been in the profession a long time will remember the ‘Glory of the Garden’ and the Wilding reports from the 80’s and know that this is a perennial debate, yet to be resolved.

Time will tell what comes from the latest look at this but what I have found in my twenty one months at the BSO is an organisation that proudly defines what it means to be a world-class orchestra serving a remarkable (and fabulously beautiful) region with fantastic audiences and fiercely loyal supporters.

So maybe paperwork has its good moments after all. Next time Bach, Mercedes and the A35.

Dougie Scarfe
BSO Chief Executive

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