Through New Eyes: Life at the BSO (Part III)

Rachel, Leah, Holly, Richard & Becky from the North Somerset Music Hub continue their behind-the-scenes, access-all-areas tour of the BSO as they learn about careers in the arts…

Day 3

This morning we had another session with BSO Community Musician Andy experimenting with sound beams and synthesizers. We also used a 36/8 piece of music to improvise around, something that sounded very cool.

After a coach trip with the friendly BSO supporters, we made it to London for the Orchestra’s Prom. A tour of the Royal College of Music by Amelia was a treat, and again we learnt much more than we expected to. Roger Wright, the Controller of Radio 3 and Director of the Proms, showed us the ‘bull run’ onto the stage during our backstage tour of the Royal Albert Hall, and offered us lots of career advice. From our box seats we finally got to watch the orchestra and yet again they blew our minds – how can they be THAT GOOD?! We loved seeing how much they enjoyed playing to the Promenaders. Soloist Sunwook Kim had to give an encore due to huge audience demand! We’re heading home to North Somerset now full of fresh ideas, confidence, love for music, and a shopping list for our Music Service boss! 

The BSO enjoy themselves at the Royal Albert Hall
The BSO enjoy themselves at the Royal Albert Hall

At the end of our time with the BSO

This whole experience has been fab; such an eye opener. It’s made us
more confident about choosing a career in music. The options are so
diverse! Everyone here has been so warm and friendly, they couldn’t do
enough for us. We’ve been amazed by the people, the place and the whole atmosphere of joy in music that we’ve experienced here.

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