Through New Eyes: Life at the BSO

Our access-all-areas team..!
Our access-all-areas team..!

Hello! We are Rachel, Leah, Holly, Richard & Becky from the North Somerset Music Hub. We are all 17/18 years of age and interested in learning about careers in music.

We’re on an access-all-areas tour of the BSO for the next few days…

Day 1

After a warm welcome from Nick, Lucy and Andy from the BSO’s Education team, we watched the Orchestra rehearsing Janáček’s Sinfonietta that the Orchestra are performing for their prom. The entertainment options for the brass section were endless: chess, crosswords, solitaire, or watching the cricket! We would like to suggest an entertainment package for the back row (maybe introduce Candy Crush!). The pencils which were produced surprised us: everyone had one and used it!

After lunch we met some orchestral players who shared the same instrument for some handy hints and tips, then saw the rehearsal for the Beethoven Piano Concerto in C minor played by Sunwook Kim. He was incredible, but it was also interesting to see the difference between rehearsals as there was far more playing through of movements than earlier in the Janáček. We started to get agitated as we wanted to play ourselves…

Dear Mark (head of North Somerset Music Service),
Today we have found some more work for you… we would like North Somerset to:

  • Start a Conducting competition – that’s how Kirill started his career!
  • Make an app! Entertainment for musicians when they aren’t needed in rehearsals – this will pay for new stands, pencils and our annual tour!

We also met with Heather Duncan, Head of Concerts and Programming, who used to be a professional cellist. She told us how important it is to gain experience in different aspects of the arts industry as it can really help you to find work. We then learnt about how the programmes for each concert are formed, and how the programme must be interesting for the musicians as well as the audience!

Finally we met Principal Conductor Kirill Karabits and Young Conductor in Association Maxime Tortelier. Kirill said that he started off by organising events at his school and then going to competitions. They certainly help to keep you motivated!

Maxime is on a Young Conductor’s programme at the BSO, which he said is a good way of getting experience, which for a conductor is so important. We were impressed by both their enthusiasm and dedication towards the BSO… roll on day 2!

Kirill Karabits and the BSO in rehearsal
Kirill Karabits and the BSO rehearse the Janacek ahead of their Prom this week.

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